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Just Released: Gridless Website Builder

Start with a Blank “Canvas”. Express Your Ideas Freely: Align, Scale, Rotate, Shape & more – no grid constraints!

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Write with Freedom

Your pages don’t have to look like a regular BLOG post. It is possible to make your writing beautiful, just like a magazine – no (or less) theme dependencies or restrictions!

A Freeform “Canvas” for any Purpose

For Freelancers & Agencies

Create a portfolio site or publication documents, design prototypes or share quick updates with clients.

For Students

Publish creative notes with the variety of blocks, make printable reports, or share a presentation with Slides.

For Developers

Play with HTML, CSS & JS code. Gridless Website Builder gives you a clean blank section to start with.

Print or Publish

It’s not just for the web. Gridless Website Builder is probably the only web builder that allows you to use it as a print/publication design tool (thanks to the flexibility of gridless environment). Choose page size and start designing a poster, cover, letter and many more.


Move, Scale, Rotate, Shape & More

Gridless Website Builder allows blocks to be highly adjustable. Even a slider can be re-shaped. 

Build Responsive Content with Freedom

Responsive is made automatic, but still allows you to make adjustments when necessary. You can switch to tablet or mobile editing view and make the adjustments.

Responsive Grouping

We invent responsive grouping to make multiple blocks responsive as a whole. All block positions in a group are maintained relative to each other and will not be broken on various screen sizes. This is a must have feature and currently only available in Gridless Website Builder.

Multi-layer Canvas

A section can contain multi-layer canvas or slides. Each layer/slide has the same flexibility as a normal section and act as a canvas for you to freely add blocks. You can then turn them into a slideshow! Furthermore, you can apply animation on each block, making it a cool presentation to feature your products or stories.

Flex Section

If you still need grid-based editing, flex section is provided with flexible grid adjustments.

See the big picture!

You can zoom your workspace to see the overall look of your page – yes, without leaving the editing mode! Unlike most editors (only edit the actual page size), Gridless Website Builder allows you to choose your preferred size to work with and your page won’t be blocked by the main panel.

Switch theme anytime you want

Choose your preferred theme to work with, light or dark, with a single click.

A Playground for Developers

The builder also allows you to play with your own custom Javascript code or include external js or css (eg. from CDN). This provides greater flexibility of what you can do with your WordPress site in an easy way – without complex setup or additional plugin.

Template Collection, with Less WordPress Theme Dependencies

Start editing from a blank page or get some ideas from the templates. You can use multiple templates to build a page. Each can have its own design for any purpose.

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